Werken bij Ordina

Learning scala in three hours!

Students TU Delft at inhousedag Ordina

Friday the 12th of February a selection of mathematics and computer science students from W.I.S.V. 'Christiaan Huygens', TU Delft, visited Ordina for an inhouse day!


After a short introduction to the company, the group was split up in 3 subgroups, each to do a different hands-on exercise.

Group 1 got to work on graph databases and Cypher. After a short introduction on databases, and graph databases especially, they got to work with the technology on the Ordina servers in several interesting assignments. The group was very diverse in regards with previous knowledge on databases, but the teamleaders worked with this very well, and had a presentation that was easy to follow for everyone, but still challenging for the more experienced. Everyone enjoyed the visualization especially, and had a good day!

Group 2 was challenged with learning Scala in 3 hours. A wonderfully prepared application was waiting to be extended, but not before we got an extensive introduction to the many benefits of Scala and functional programming over “regular” imperative programming. While the latter can be compared to processing a bucket of water from a well one at a time, functional programming can in some cases best be described as a series of linked pipes guided through processing stations. With this newly gained knowledge ready to be applied, we had about 30 minutes left to create our application. Unfortunately, we didn't get much further then adding login rights for ourselves. That didn't spoil the fun however, as all members of the group were confident that the extensive introduction will prove useful in upcoming projects!

Group 3 took a look with the DSL created for Rabobank's mortage calculations. Many of us already had some experience with creating DSL's in Scala, however only for academic purposes. It was a real eye-opener to see all of these concepts applied in a much more relatable context. Getting some hands-on experience with snippets of the actual code was the highlight of a great day!