Ordina visited the Intelligent Chatbots Masters Training

  • 6 september 2017

Ordina visited the Intelligent Chatbots Masters Training
On july 17 Markus Janssen and I flew to Munich for the Intelligent Chatbots Masters Training. 
Oracle is developing Intelligent Chatbot with which it is possible to create Chatbots. Intelligent Chatbot is part of the Mobile Suite and it is expected to be launched in August or September 2017. 
To get a glimb of the possibilities and to get to know the application Oracle wanted to show a early version of the application to their partners. The working version of the application is 0.6 and the version we worked on during the training was 0.5.

Concept of chatbots
The training started with the overall concept behind chatbots. After that we dived deeper in to the application it selves.  And finally we created a Chatbot ourselves that connected to facebook messenger. The training was very helpful and we got a clear understanding of the possibilities of the application. 

For the application to work well, fast and easy and to have really added value it is necessary to evolve the application. A few of these things are: 
• Dynamic value list;
• Language pack;
• Diagram flow;
• More out of the box connectors to a chatinterface.

Dynamic value list: It should me made easier to create a value list based on the backend. During the course we worked out a example of a banking chatbot. The accounts where staticly added to a value list. In real life every one has other accounts and you would like that the account value list is based on the accounts of the user.

Language pack: The only language that is supported out of the box is English. For use Dutch people and our fellow students Germans it is important that also other languages are supported out of the box.
Diagram flow: Part of the chatbot is a flow. At this point it is only possible to create the flow in pseudo code. This is very hard to read. 

Out of the box chat interfaces: Out of the box it is possible to connect to facebook. There are no other out of the box connections. It is possible to connect to other chatinterface by creating it your selves through webhooks. But to make it easyer, simpeler and faster it is important to have more out of the box connections. 
This is the first version of the application and Oracle is working hard to add more functionality and out of the box options. It is a tool that has a very high potential.  If you want to know more about working with Oracle within Ordina, feel free to contact me: Jessica.mulder@ordina.nl